Terms and conditions applying to CCTV installation

Installation considerations

Herein contained are the terms and conditions of installation, service, and monitoring of said CCTV system.
"Customer" shall be used to identify name of subscriber affixed to face of contract and "company" shall apply to Goldmine Systems.

1) Installation: company agrees to install the equipment listed in a workmanlike manner in accordance with the Following conditions:

A. Customer will make premises available without interruption during company's normal working hours

B. Customer understands that the installation will necessitate drilling into various parts of the premises. Company Intends generally to conceal wiring in the finished areas of the premises, however, there may be areas in which Due to construction, decoration or furnishing of the premises, company determines, in its sole discretion that it Would be impractical to conceal the wiring and in such cases, wire will be exposed.

C. Customer agrees to provide Ac electrical outlets at the designated locations for equipment requiring Ac Power.

D. Customer agrees to provide for any lifting equipment and civil works not covered by the company’s schedule or Proposal for works.

E. Customer understands that installation requires drilling holes in interior and exterior walls. Company limits its Liability to the patching of said holes and company cannot be responsible for providing paint or wall coverings To match those colours or coverings existing within customer's premises.

2) Title to the equipment is to remain with company until the full purchase price is paid which will fall due after 10 Days following installation. Failure to pay the purchase price of the installed equipment when due shall give Company the right, without obligation to repossess that equipment with or without notice, and to avail itself of any legal remedy. Any costs for collection, including reasonable legal fees are at the customer's expense.

Conditions Not covered by warranty:

A. Damage resulting from accidents, acts of god, alteration, misuse, tampering and abuse.

B. Failure of customer to properly follow operating instructions provided by company at time of installation.

C. Trouble in leased telephone line or interruption to commercial power.

Errors or omissions in construction or installation of the system, including but not limited to, failure to wire any Portion of the premises must be called to the attention of company by customer, in writing, within three (3) Calendar days of completion of installation. Upon expiration of said three (3) days, the installation and the Protection provided shall be deemed accepted by customer.

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